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Lordship Ward Forum Meeting on Neighbourhood Planning

The next meeting of the Lordship Ward Forum will take place on 21st January 2013 from 7pm at the Lordship South Community Centre on Lordship Grove.

The main substantive item for discussion is Hackney Council’s consultation on the application it recently received to formally designate a neighbourhood forum for Stamford Hill and set the boundary of a neighbourhood area. The application covers the whole of Lordship and could have significant implications for future planning and development in the area.

You can see a copy of the application here.

We will be joined at the meeting by a senior Planning Officer from Hackney Council who will be on hand to answer any questions you may have about the application. We will also have an opportunity to discuss the points you may wish consider raising in response to the consultation.

Before the meeting it would be very helpful if you could think about how inclusive and representative you think the current proposals are, particularly in relation to the makeup of the Forum and the area it proposes to cover. You may also wish to consider whether the proposed neighbourhood area (the wards of Lordship, New River, Cazenove and Springfield) makes sense in planning terms.